How to buy tickets for the 2022 winter Olympics

The International Olympics Committee has given an update according to the latest ruling that only citizens of China will be allowed to purchase tickets for the upcoming winter Olympics. The IOC made consultations with the government of China before arriving at this decision to prevent a surge of Covid-19 after the winter Olympics. The citizens of China that will be allowed to purchase the tickets, must comply with Covid-19 protocols and stringent measures such as being vaccinated.

Discussions are still underway on the details of ticketing and once this is finalized, an announcement will be made to the public on how to go about the process. This decision of allowing only spectators residing in the mainland of China to purchase tickets for the winter Olympics is to promote the growth of winter sports in China by giving them a first-hand experience and a conducive atmosphere.

It was earlier announced that every athlete must get the Covid-19 vaccination to be allowed to participate in the winter 2022 Olympics. When ticket booking will be announced, both online and offline service providers will be made aware to roll out the details. One of the most common service providers is Alibaba owned by Damai. Cn and also from the Beijing winter 2022 organizing committee official website.

This is how to book the ticket. Once you book the ticket for the winter 2022 Olympics from the website of the delegated service providers, you will need to follow the purchasing procedures online. You need an account with the Bank of China, then fill in the reservation form that is on the Beijing organizing committee official website. China dragon tours will be championing the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics tour and are highly recommended for anyone attending the 2022 winter Olympics. They have customized packages that will give everyone an incredible experience all through the 2022 Olympics.

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